Saturday, June 2, 2007

How time flies...

Wow - can't believe I haven't done this since May 16. Of course - nobody is reading so it really doesn't matter, right?

Let's see. Saw Ben Gibbard solo acoustic. Fantastic. Definitely one of the best American songwriters out there right now.

Saw Interpol Thursday night. Same old schtick but you have to admit they are damn good at what they do. I have to admit I absolutely love them...

I get a kick out of SK's blogs that list fans. I know I'll never be in the list. I'm one of those quite anonymous fans. Even though I own three of his paintings, buy every release from KH, and buy at least 3 copies of all Church releases (including solo efforts) Steve wouldn't know me from Adam.

Oh well, I can't say that I blame him. I've only met him once and it was one of the most terrifying and rewarding moments of my life.

I've met MWP twice and to tell you the truth he was a prick both times. Once again, I don't hold it against him. How would you feel if everywhere you went stupid drunkish idiots were always telling you how much they love you!!!

I've met PK once and he is the nicest most gentlemanly person on the face of this earth. Peter is fucking awesome.

Briefly met Tim and he was quite nice as well.

I travelled to Boston for the end of the After Everything tour and had a ticket to the meet and greet after the show. No way I would have even approached SK there. Man - you could tell he wasn't there.

Then, the next morning, while returning my rental car at Logan before my flight home...

Guess who was right behind me in their van - Steve Kilbey and Tim Powles.

I just had to approach the man. As shy and introverted as I am - I knew this was one time I absolutely had to do something or I would regret it the rest of my life.

I went up to him and said I just wanted to tell him I really enjoyed the show last night.

Then, much to my surprise, he engaged me in a really brief but nice and memorable conversation. He really is a wonderful man. I know he fights demons (like we all do) and I would probably get sick of fans if I had thousands of them all over the world bombarding me all the time so I can't blame him.

Anyway, that's my story of my one meeting with SK. One of the highlights of my life!

I hear there are rumors of a SK art exhibition in Atlanta (allegedly after the U.S. fall tour).

Believe me - I'll be there if it really happens...


eek said...

I read it. I even comment sometimes. :-)

Don't be so sure you will never get mentioned. What I notice is he tends to mention the people who comment pretty regularly, and that does make sense because those are the ones who most likely come to mind when he thinks of his readers. Even then he still forgets people you would think he would remember -- he has forgotten to mention Sue C several times, including this one! Trust me -- comment on his blog regularly. He loves to read the comments and really does tend to remember people from it.

Your story of meeting SK returning your rental car is great! I had the experience of seeing SK in my rearview mirror while driving from Cleveland to Chicago during last year's tour. A friend and I were driving together (but in seperate cars) and we kept running into the band in their two vans at stops along the way. A rather surreal, but very fun drive. :-) I'll have to do a post on it (I've been planning to do one on each show I went to on the last tour. So far I've only managed to get through Indy and Cincy).

I'll keep you up to date on the art exhibition. I'm hoping quite a few people are willing to make a bit of a trek for it. So far, so good. Steve has been really cranking out work which is always a good thing.


eek said...

I just wanted to let you know I added a link to your blog on my blog. I don't get a whole lot of visitors, so you won't gain many from me, but I do read your's regularly so it got linked. :-)