Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And they're laughing at me anyway

Wow. SK is tapped in to something. It's frightening actually.

So a couple of years ago the girl who eventually became my ex decided to end our relationship - caught me totally off guard. Sixteen years together and nine years of marriage gone in an instant. Sent me into a tailspin big time...

Now, the strange thing is The Church played Dallas for the first time in 16 years on what would have been my 10th anniversary. Plus, they played 5 blocks from my house!!!!!!!!!!!

You can't tell me some higher power or something wasn't involved somehow.

So recently, I've been thinking maybe there really isn't anybody out there for me. Can you believe that? Not even 40 and I'm thinking about giving up on love.

Now part of this is of course my problem. I am painfully shy and don't really have a huge circle of friends so it's really hard for me to meet anybody. But to give up????

So SK (who shouldn't be blogging because of his wrist) is now writing inspirational blogs about the beauty of love.

Once again, thanks to The Church for being here on the night of my 10th anniversary when I really needed support and thanks to The Time Being for lifting my spirits and helping me continue to believe there really may be love out there for me...


eek said...

Funny...his post inspired you and depressed me.

I mean I'm happy for him -- I'm pleased to see him happy -- but...well.... Yeah.

snowfaller said...

Isn't that what makes The Church so wonderful.

The same song can make me either happy or sad sometimes depending on the day/mood/etc.

It's hard to explain but I think it probably makes sense to other fans...