Monday, May 14, 2007


So Steve has been diagnosed with RSI. Can't say I'm surprised. As much blogging as he does combined with the painting and guitar/bass playing...

I always wonder about that kind of stuff. Who knows what kind of long-term damage computers will cause to the human race. We haven't exactly been using them that long in the grand scheme of things.

I imagine we will see all sorts of wrist/finger problems, eye problems - who knows what the electromagnetic radiation will do. Humans haven't exactly spent hours and hours in extremely close proximity to electronic equipment for very long (except for children sitting right up next to the the TV to the incessant scolding of their parents!)

Well, I hope the RSI doesn't slow Steve's musical pursuits too much. I love the blog - it's the centerpiece of my day - but I'll take the music over anything of course!

I'm seeing Ben Gibbard solo tonight. Should be good. I haven't heard him solo before so it will be interesting.

Love to all Churchy people!!!!

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eek said...

I loved you nose typing comment on SK's blog today! The mental image I was getting was hilarious.

As for Steve's musicial output -- I think making music is such a part of him that he won't ever stop.