Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Looking for something to remind me

Well today was going to be the day I got back into the swing of things...

But, alas, I'm way too tired to attempt anything remotely constructive (damn sleepless night last night).

Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

One funny thing today - in dealing with some legal crap I had an email addressing me as Mister.
I still think it sounds weird to have anybody calling me Mister. I guess I should be used to it but I sure as hell don't think I'm old enough (or responsible enough) yet for anybody to be calling me by any sort of formal title!


eek said...

I know what you mean about the titles -- honestly, does any woman like being called ma'am??? I can't help but look around to see who the person is talking to and I'm always shocked when it's me!

eek said...

oops. Looks as if I shouldn't have mentioned there being still a chance of a US tour this year (although at that time it was correct) because now it is def. not going to happen. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Well, we can hope for next year. And we do have all the SK solo and side projects to look forward to. (and some work from at least one of the other band members too).

And I'm working on setting up some SK art showings/exhibits which could be a lot of fun for fans.