Tuesday, July 17, 2007

2000 long years and they're all leading up to tonight

Well, well, well. Look who is back.

Sorry - no excuses for vanishing for the past month. It was just one of those months.

Have you ever gone through a phase where you really didn't feel like doing anything that requires any thought or energy? Well - that is where I have been (I think).

Kind of got out of the whole blog thing. Still checked SK's blog religiously. I am so addicted to that it's ridiculous. (I also try to check every day from multiple computers to boost his ratings but I'd hate to admit to cheating. Ha.).

S0 who knows where the past month has gone. I'm certainly the one to blame. Part of it is probably spending too much time shopping (CDs, etc.) on the Internet. Too much time and too much money. Maybe I should return to blogging to help save money!

It is certainly nice to hear about the new solo projects from Steve. It's also great to see his new art. The new SK art is always tempting. I should put a few more pennies aside a bit more often into my SK art fund!

If anybody is interested in his art I can certainly attest to the whole thing being a wonderful experience. The art is so much more vibrant in person and dealing with Holly is nothing but a pleasant experience.

Is everybody else as bummed as I am the US tour looks like it is off? Man that sucks - especially for me since I had plans to see them in Europe this spring but had to call everything off because of our wonderful government being late in getting me my passport. It was a lot easier for me to take since I "knew" they would tour the US this fall but now that looks like it is not going to happen. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if they only tour Australia from here on out. I have no idea how much it costs for them to do the US or Europe but it certainly has to be a lot more than Australia since Marty is the only one they have to import!

We'll see. If they just tour Australia I guess I'll have to head way south someday. I have to go there sometime in my life, right? I can't think of a better reason to head to Australia than to see The Church!

I placed my dutiful order for multiple copies of Deep In The Shallows. I'm certainly interested in hearing some of the different versions/edits/mixes of the songs. I'm sure I've heard them all but it will be nice to have them all collected in one nice place. Sue C is right - buy some as gifts for family/friends! Great music in a great package - can't be beat!

Take care - I promise I won't be gone for another month.

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eek said...

Glad to "see" you back! Yeah I have times where I'm a complete slug...I think I'm in the midst of a several year long one right now.

I also have to admit checking SK's blog several times a day. I don't have access to several computers, but I do make sure I check from different browser windows each time. I'm not sure that matters, but it's worth a try. His views are still quite good (they've never been as consistantly good as during the US tour last year though), but there are just more blogs in the category now and many of them will do anything to increase hits. Although I do think Steve would love to be one of the very top ranked blogs, I can't see him being willing to do the crap needed to pull in those kinds of numbers. I'm glad he doesn't too because even now there are people who just love to stir shit in his comments section -- and they are fans. Can you imagine the havoc if there were bunches of people who suddenly started reading it because it was supposed to be the next big thing? While I'm sure some would really enjoy it and would get a lot out of it, I fear many others would be more apt to enjoy just causing trouble.

I'm tickled about all of Steve's creative projects. He certainly keeps us all well supplied with new and interesting goodies. And yes, you should build up that SK art fund! The man's on a major tear! Thanks for the compliment too!

As for the US tour -- I wouldn't give up all hope just yet. My understanding is there is still a slim chance of it happening. A lot of things have to fall in just the right spots, but it's not totally dead yet.

And if the tour takes place, the art exhibit might happen too....