Thursday, August 2, 2007

In reflection

Interesting weekend - well last weekend since this weekend isn't here yet and I've been too lazy to update the old blog this week.

Went to a good friend's wedding reception last weekend. Strange this sort of thing occurs in the middle of SK's lovey dovey blogging recently.

Other than the fact it was strange this particular reception was right around what would have been my anniversary and it really wasn't nearly as hard for me as I thought it might have been (I guess that's good, right?), it did make me reflect somewhat.

They actually had their wedding at a resort in Colorado with just close friends and family. Man - the pictures were amazing. It got me thinking how wonderful it would be to have a group of close friends who would love to share that kind of experience with me. Think about it - six friends and spouses who would pay to spend a few days with you at a place that couldn't have been cheap. Obviously, I have a great family and they would certainly not have a problem with that sort of thing at all...

So, considering I'm a hell of a lot closer to 40 than not I realized I will most likely never have that sort of a circle of friends. While that does make me somewhat sad, when you compare it to the "troubles" of a lot of people out there in the world it really isn't that big of a deal, right?

I have so much to be happy about and even though my little "transition" period is going on two years now I certainly am not crying myself to sleep every night or anything.

Just something to make me sit back and think. I'm so happy for them. Hope it all works out!

As for Churchy things - Deep In The Shallows came this past weekend!

Funny thing eek, I did the same thing. Put the CDs in my player and haven't really listened to it yet but I have read the booklet and looked at the pictures. I also ordered one of my copies with the t-shirt (even though I already had one of those shirts) to give me a much better chance of all of the CDs arriving in unbroken cases! It worked! All present and accounted for and unbroken. Sometimes I do get lucky!

I have made it through the Seance songs. It's so great to hear some of these songs in a different order. It gives them somewhat of a different life to me. I had heard all of the different versions before except for the edit of When You Were Mine. Interesting to say the least - it almost sound like a different take to me but I only listened to it once so I'll reserve further judgement.

If anyone is on the fence about getting Deep In The Shallows I highly recommend it! Great liner notes and absolutely wonderful pictures!

I had always though David Fricke was kind of an idiot - especially from his appearances on some of the VH1 Classic Albums shows - but after reading his praise of The Church I will forever give him all benefit of the doubt!

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eek said...

I don't think I've ever read anything by David Fricke that's not about the Church, and I've never seen him, and he's always been very complimentary towards them. So I've always thought he is pretty cool. Lol!

As for Deep in the Shallows I have to admit many of the very early songs aren't all that familiar to me because I wasn't a fan when they first came out and when I did become a fan (Starfish era) I didn't go back and check out their early work until fairly recently. By the time I did get the early albums (still don't have many of the rarities, especially the early ones) only about 5 or so years ago, much of the really early work just doesn't really do as much for me as the later stuff.

I do really enjoy these cds though, and they flow better than I thought they would. I think the progression the band made in their sound every album helps keep it sounding fairly cohesive. And for a casual or new fan I think this set would be wonderful -- you really get a feel for the band throughout their career (so far). Love the liner notes and pics too.